How to start a conversation about sexual health as a professional healthcare provider

    It’s not always obvious. However, clients and patients do expect their healthcare provider to proactively ask questions about it. 

    The One to One method (O2O) is a tool which consists of 4 simple steps.

    What is the One to One Method?

    The One to One Method (O2O) is an easy to use, hands on method. It helps you in 4 steps to

    1. Start a conversation about sexual health
    2. Listen attentively
    3. Finish the talk respectfully
    4. Formulate a personalised offer

    Each of the 4 steps relies on known skills and is applied on the basis of concrete examples acknowledged in medical and non-medical practice.

    Step 1 - Raise the topic of sexual health proactively

    By explaining why you bring up this topic, you express your professional intention of having this conversation.

    This first step aims to introduce the issue at a general level. As a result, the introduction is depersonalised and sexual health is discussed in a non-intrusive way. 

    Step 2 - Encourage the client or patient to talk

    In this step you explore the unique situation and experience of the client/patient.

    Step 3 - Summarise what the patient said

    Summarise the conversation based on the client/patient's answers to the questions. Check if your summary is correct.

    Step 4 - Make an offer

    This last step completes the circle. After the summary, the client or patient knows that you have heard him/her in your capacity of a healthcare provider.

    An offer can be supplemented with information, scheduling a follow-up appointment and referral (if necessary).

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    This step-by-step plan was developed in collaboration with Domus Medica, the Flemish Association for Sexologists and the Sensoa physicians’ steering group, also including e.g. skills teams.